What I Believe

This is a set of thoughts about Bike 5 and what I believe, a manifesto, of sorts.

  1. We should consciously choose the best vehicle for each trip we take.  Sometimes that vehicle is an airplane, sometimes a car.  For trips of five miles or less, bicycles and our own two feet are often the best vehicle.
  2. Streets and highways are a public common. They don’t “belong” to people who drive cars or any other single class of vehicle. They belong to EVERYONE who has a need to get from here to there.  One class of road users should not be allowed to dictate terms to all of the other classes, no matter how big, powerful and important they may be.
  3. To the extent that we can all respectfully share the same space, we should do so. Building dedicated infrastructure is expensive and takes a long time.  It’s better to share space whenever possible.  This will lead to higher utilization rates and lower cash outlays to build streets, roads and even highways.
  4. Those who choose to travel in a way that creates damage should pay to mitigate it.  We’ve all heard that driving is a privilege.  If that’s true, then it is perfectly reasonable to pay for that privilege.  This includes costs for physical infrastructure as well as the social costs automobiles levy on the community at large.
  5. Laws that put vulnerable road users at risk must be changed and the new laws must be enforced equally. Our priority must always be to protect the most vulnerable road users even if it inconveniences the less vulnerable.