screen-shot-2015-06-26-at-7-01-44-amBike 5 is an incredibly diverse community of people united by the belief that bicycles are the best vehicle for trips of five miles or less. By choosing to bicycle instead of drive a motor vehicle, we create both personal and community-wide gains.

Why five?   Over 60% of all automobile trips are five miles or less.  If you slowly transition from car to bicycle, you will dramatically improve your health and help make your community more livable.  Go as long or as short as you want.  Ride everyday or every once in a while.  There are no rules here…wait, there’s one.  Have fun…every ride.

My name is Bob Sharpe.  I’m a vehicular cyclist based in Ogden Utah.  I also like to go long, and so I have another site for that called Bicycle Cowboy.  If you’re interested in bikepacking, the Great Divide, rail trails, carving up singletrack or just riding the neighborhood bike trail, that’s the site for you.  If you’re a cyclist looking to make a career move, I can help.  I match bicyclists to companies that value what you represent and bring to the table.  If interested, reach out and let’s talk.



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