A Bus Encounter

I had an encounter with a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus yesterday. It was a good encounter and so I wanted to share it with you.

I was on my bike in central Ogden.  It was wet and rainy and there are still patches of snow and ice here and there.  Conditions were slightly south of ideal.  I was attempting to cross 25th Street which is a main thoroughfare out of downtown.  I had a stop sign but cross traffic didn’t.  I had to wait for a few cars to clear.  While I was waiting, a bus pulled up and picked up a passenger.  Technically, I had the right of way but I didn’t want to pull out in front of the bus.  They have a schedule to keep and you just never can be sure of who you’re dealing with, so I waited.


This bus and cyclist are sharing the road in downtown Pittsburgh, not Ogden.  The idea is the same.

Once the operator picked up her passenger, she acknowledged my presence and waved me through ahead of her.  That was nice.  Unfortunately, another car was approaching from the other direction so I waved back telling her that she could go and that I would wait.  In and of itself it was no big thing, but the level of professionalism and care she exhibited was something I don’t often see from motorists.  It’s so rare, in fact, that I wanted to acknowledge it so I sent the following tweet to UTA and they responded.


Since moving to Ogden my style of cycling has changed considerably.  I’m on a city grid now and that means lots of starting and stopping.  Motorists here are very aggressive.   Utah drivers were recently named the worst in the United States.  That’s embarrassing but I’ve seen nothing that suggests to me that it’s not true.  I’ve had to adapt and I have.

When it comes to transit, though, I couldn’t be happier.  I roll my bike onto UTA trains, and so I’m a fan of how they allow me to move up and down the Wasatch Front without a car.  They extend my range.  They hire good operators, too.  I appreciate it and I just wanted to let the world know.  Now you do.   Thank you, and have a great weekend.



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