Turning Things Around

Food for thought for those of us who think different…

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Brasil Art Directors: Fábio Onofre, Rodrigo Corbari Copywriters: Jader Rossetto Creative Director: Jader Rossetto Photographer: Alexandre Salgado

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Brasil, Art Directors: Fábio Onofre, Rodrigo Corbari, Copywriters: Jader Rossetto, Creative Director: Jader Rossetto, Photographer: Alexandre Salgado

The advertisement is from Peugeot, the French manufacturer best known for automobiles.  It took me a while to figure this out.  I like it.  Why not?

My first “real” bicycle was a Peugeot Trophy like the one in the picture below.  I bought it at a local bike shop in Denver in 1981 and rode the wheels off of it.  I didn’t know much about bikes back then.  If I had, I would have drooled over that insanely long headtube, those incredibly short chain stays and (OMG) that raked front fork with the chrome accents.  Vive la France!

If I find one of these, I'm buying it.

Late 1970s Peugeot Trophy:  If I ever come across another one of these,  I’m buying it again.

I can’t remember what happened to that bike, I know that I brought it with when we moved to Connecticut in 1990 and that it sat in the basement of the old woolen mill in Beacon Falls that we called home while there.  I can’t remember it in Minnesota, though, so it may still be in Connecticut.  Looking at it now, I wish I would have kept it.  Note to self….never, ever sell another bike.

Peugeot still manufactures bicycles.  In fact, they’ve laid claim to being the only brand on the planet that covers all of your mobility needs from cars and trucks to bicycles.  They’ll have two eBikes (they call them HYbrids) including the AE 21 at next month’s Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.  Bikes at a car show…what’s the world coming to?

Peugeot is marketing the AE 21 to Mercedes Benz buyers.

Peugeot is marketing the AE 21 to Mercedes Benz buyers.

Peugeot’s claim is mostly marketing.  They might have been alone a year ago, but not any more.  Nowadays, everyone is rushing to redefine mobility.  Polaris, the snowmobile manufacturer, is producing bicycles.  Ford’s working on an eBike prototype.  Transportation is converging.  After 50 years of being about self image and personality, our cars are morphing before our eyes.  Now it’s all about movement and we’re discovering that the best car for moving around often isn’t a car at all.

Polaris Sabre EV505

Polaris Sabre EV505

Things are changing.  What goes around, comes around.  Companies like Peugeot, Polaris and Ford are investing large sums of research and development dollars in bicycles.  Tech companies like Tesla and Google are investing huge sums in cars, though the cars they’ll eventually build will look nothing like today’s cars.  They might look more like bicycles.

Change is coming.  Change is good.  Ride on.





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