Detroit Youth Cycle

I met Yvonne Rucker at a League of American Bicyclists certification course in Memphis this past January.  I’ve made it a point to email her every few months or so, just because she’s a bike person but also because she has a passion that burns bright and hot like few others I’ve ever met.  I sent her a link earlier this week that I thought she might find interesting.   She responded with a link to this.  It made me smile and so I want to share it with you.

All around us, people are changing the world.  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the biggest things.  This is huge.  To give a child the gift of confidence, well, I can think of nothing greater.  Well done, Yvonne.   Well done indeed.

To learn more about Yvonne and Myrna Capela and their work or donate, please visit their website.  Also, please share this link with any corporate clients, particularly in SE Michigan, who might be interested in helping sponsor Detroit Youth Cycle.


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