The Bike Life is Happening Here

There’s this  image of a cyclist that most people who don’t cycle have.  It has changed a little over the years.  Thirty years ago, he would have looked like this guy.


Today he’s a little less athletic and a little more urban hip…like this guy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.28.28 PM

But in reality, neither image is correct, because cyclists don’t easily conform.  Here’s reality.












All sorts of people are choosing the bike life.  Some ride in the street. Others prefer the sidewalk.  Some wear helmets.  Many don’t.  Old men and young women cycle.  So do older women and younger men. Some biker guys are chicks.  Not some, lots!  Kids cycle to school.  Adults cycle to work.  More and more people are parking their cars and taking those short five mile trips by bicycle instead.

It’s all good.  There’s no one right way to bicycle. All ways are right.  That’s what makes the bike life so special.

These pictures were all taken in Indianapolis.  Something magical is happening here. The bike life is happening here.  It’s happening in other cities just like this one from coast to coast, places that never before thought of themselves as bicycle friendly.  All of this makes me very, very excited. The bike life is happening and it’s good for America.  It’s good for you, too.

So find your bike, saddle up and just ride.


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