Favorite Rides, Perfect Waves and E Tickets

I want to share one of my favorite rides with you tonight.  If I was a surfer, this would be my perfect wave.  It’s out in the country southwest of Plainfield which is southwest of Indianapolis.  It’s in that part of Indiana where the flat glacial plains of the north give way to draws and gulleys and what they call arroyos in the Desert Southwest.  I don’t know what they call them here.  Hollers, I guess.

Out of the blue, and into the black. They give you this but you pay for that. Let's see who's old enough to remember...

Out of the blue, and into the black. They give you this but you pay for that. Let’s see who’s old enough to remember…


I seldom see cars back here.

Bambi at 12 o'clock. Do deer go to little country churches?

Bambi at 12 o’clock. Do deer go to little country churches?

Anyway, I discovered this little area by accident.  Truth be told, I was sort of lost.  Our rural roads are mostly set up in a grid with the courthouse being the epicenter of everything.  If you’re at the intersection of 100 S and 100 E, you’re one mile south and one mile east of the county seat.  That makes it pretty easy to get around and you probably shouldn’t have any trouble with getting where you need to be except for the fact none of the roads go through thanks to the aforementioned arroyos and hollers.

So I’m out cruising down 375 E one beautiful Saturday morning heading south and even though I’m a long way from home I’m not in any rush to get back.  I come to a fork in the road and, like Yogi Berra, I decide to take it.  I zig where all the little painted marks that other cyclists made on the road to identify their routes zagged and here’s what I discovered.

Suh-weet!  I don’t know why nobody else goes back here.  Probably because the road is so bumpy and their uber skinny racing tires and carbon fiber frames aren’t really well suited for it.  But the Kona Rove is, and man-oh-man am I glad I ride that bike because there are hills and turns and twists and lots of bumps and potholes and very little traffic on these tiny, narrow little roads and it’s like I have my very own little booklet full of E tickets that were made just for me and and it’s so pure and right and fun that I don’t ever want it to end.   Alas,  it does and soon enough I’m back in traffic and the real world.

But now I know it’s there and everything has changed.  I go back…a lot.  In fact, I go back every chance I get.  I went today and yesterday and Monday and both days last weekend.  It’s just a little two mile stretch and I have to turn it into a thirty miler to ride it but it’s worth it because it’s the best two miles imaginable and for that brief little while when I’m back there everything in the world is absolutely perfect and in sync.

That’s what cycling does for me.  You, too, I hope.


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