Portland’s New “Leave it Anywhere” Bikeshare

My sister sent me a link to a story this morning about Portland Oregon’s new bikeshare service.  I was surprised to discover that the Rose City didn’t already have bikeshare, but then again, just about everybody in Portland owns a bicycle.

The new system is run by a company called Motivate LLC.  They’re based in Brooklyn and run bikeshare programs in numerous cities across the US and Canada…cities like Toronto.

Motivate bikes, Toronto

Motivate bikes, Toronto

Payment kiosk

Payment kiosk

Portland’s system will be slightly different in a couple of ways.  One, it’s going to be dirt cheap.  Monthly memberships will come in between $10 and $15 vs. $18 (CDN) in Toronto.  Two, it uses technology like GPS and integrated locks that allow users to leave the bicycle in any old rack when they’re done with it.  You won’t have to hunt down a docking station or walk four blocks to your destination. That’s pretty cool.

Bikeshare is a viable transportation solution in many markets.   The best systems have lots of bikes, lots of locations and make it easier and more convenient to share than it is to own a bike or even a car for that matter.  By all accounts, Portland is doing it right.  I’m not surprised.  Kudos.


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