Candidate cities for the best cycling city of 2016 announced

Relbog from Bicycle Dutch on the nominees for this year’s best cycling citieis in the Netherlands. Enjoy!


Today the Dutch Cyclists’ Union published the names of nine municipalities who applied for the “Fietsstad 2016” election to become the best cycling city of the Netherlands in 2016. “These ambitious Dutch municipalities were inspired by this year’s theme: ‘Bikonomics’ to further increase the value that cycling already has for their communities” tells us the press release on the site of “Fietsstad 2016”. The long list contains the nine names in alphabetical order:

  • Arnhem (152,506 inhabitants)
  • Goes (37,190 inhabitants)
  • Groningen (200,210 inhabitants)
  • Haarlem (157,058 inhabitants)
  • Maastricht (122,358 inhabitants)
  • Nijmegen (170,943 inhabitants)
  • Oss (57,511 inhabitants)
  • Purmerend 79,699 inhabitants)
  • Utrecht (335,089 inhabitants)

It is good to see some very familiar names in this long list, but it is also clear that there are 10 cities fewer than the long list of the last election. We can only speculate about the cause for that. Maybe the theme is not concrete enough (“decreasing…

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