Bike 5? What…Why…Who…Where

Welcome to Bike 5.  Here’s some basic information about us.



Bike 5 is a movement to integrate cycling into the global transportation mix by encouraging people to consider bicycles for trips of five miles or less.  According to the US Department of Transportation, appoximately 60% of all trips fall into this category.  As a result, we can have a dramatic impact on our world and our communities by replacing the car with the bicycle for even a few short trips per week.


There are so many good reasons to integrate cycling into the transportation mix.  First and foremost, it’s good for us.  It helps keep us healthy.  It also cleans the air.  Bicycles take less space than cars.  They are easier to park.  They humanize life and make our places more vibrant.  Most importantly, bicycles make us happier and more connected to each other than cars ever will.


We’re a diverse group of people.  We believe a lot of different things.  Some of us are conservative.  Others are liberal.  Our faith traditions are many and varied.  Everyone is welcome here.  It doesn’t matter what you think about some things as long as you believe that bicycles are part of our transportation solution.


Planet Earth, mostly.  We’re based in Ogden, Utah, but we’ve been around.  It always makes me smile when someone from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe or Latin America finds us but you do and we’re richer for it. Welcome.



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